A UssdPush resource represents a message sent from Restcomm to a USSD gateway.

UssdPush Resource URI


Supported Operations

HTTP POST Sends a Ussd message to the configured USSD Gataeway

Example of UssdPush

The USSD gateway to which Restcomm must send the UssdMessage must be configured in the restcomm.xml file. IP address and port must be configured. Username/password for the USSD are optional.

    <!-- TelScale USSD Gateway -->

See below a curl example for the USSD Push:

curl -X POST -H "application/json" https://ACae6e420f425248d6a26948c17a9e2acf:YOUR_PWD@RESTCOMM_IP_ADDRESS/restcomm/2012-04-24/Accounts/ACae6e420f425248d6a26948c17a9e2acf/UssdPush -d "From=Restcomm" -d "To=123" -d "Url=https://RESTCOMM_IP_ADDRESS/restcomm-rvd/services/apps/YOUR_USSD_APP/controller"