The <Number> noun specifies a phone number to dial. You can use multiple <Number> nouns within a <Dial> verb to simultaneously call all of them at once. The first call to pick up is connected to the current call and the rest are hung up.

Number Attributes

Name Allowed Values Default Value


any digits



any url


  • sendDigits. The 'sendDigits' attribute tells RestComm to play DTMF tones when the call is answered. This is useful when dialing a phone number and an extension. RestComm will dial the number, and when the automated system picks up, send the DTMF tones to connect to the extension.

  • url. The 'url' attribute allows you to specify a url for a RCML document that will run on the called party’s end, after he/she answers, but before the parties are connected. You can use this RCML to privately play or say information to the called party, or provide a chance to decline the phone call using <Gather> and <Hangup>. The current caller will continue to hear ringing while the RCML document executes on the other end. RCML documents executed in this manner are not allowed to contain the <Dial> verb.


For an example of how to use the <Number> noun see below.

    <Number sendDigits="wwww1234">1-444-555-6666</Number>